Tips for Communicating People Dealing with Emotional Support and Hearing Loss

Tips for Communicating People Dealing with Emotional Support and Hearing Loss

May is considered as the better hearing and speech month to raise awareness about communication disorders and providing life-altering treatment who are suffering from Hearing Loss. Sometimes, the persons who are actually dealing with hearing loss create irritation for them and often make communication difficult for others. Do you feel embarrassed when people sit around you and ask people to repeat frequently? But now you don’t have to.

The following tips work if you have a hearing loss, or if you’re communicating with someone with a hearing loss so that both can find a way to communicate and exchange their views without much effort.

Here are those:

Treat everyone with the same behaviour

Now, think of a while, you are talking to a normal person and that person can understand you but you can’t. The same will go for the person suffering from hearing loss and you can’t behave abnormally otherwise the communicator may get embarrassed and ignore you. Be patient and understand yourself, then only you can understand others and communicate well.

Pay attention to their facial expression

You don’t need to be expert to judge them; just focus on the words you are spelling and see how they are interpreting also you can use gestures for illuminating the confusing or confirming the further understanding of them for great communication flow. Pay attention to their face to face, eye contact and eyebrows movements. Also, look, don’t get pissed off from them in any way as an everyone communication style is different so is theirs and yours.

Destroy the distance barriers

If someone you are communicating with having the problems in understanding your words, pay attention to where you are in and go near or close to them to destroy the barrier. Turn your face towards them and create some level of intimacy to understand them. If possible, touch their hands or their thighs to some extent to ensure they are listening to you before you start even talking.

Avoid background noise

Now, if you are having communication with others you need to pay attention to other ones instead of listening to idiotic background noise. Why we are saying is – because you are already facing a hearing issue and not paying attention to your partner annoys them and communication breaks. Our advice is to look for a small open place to communicate where sounds don’t get interfered.

Forget about the pronunciation

Last but not least, forgetting proper pronunciation is not a good thing in terms of being professional with someone. But if you are in trouble expressing someone with your words – let’s say if you are stuck in pronouncing some words and others can’t able to understand or exaggerating volume but using your hand or facial gestures just make sense, then go for that behaviour as communication is the key to a successful relationship.

The theme for 2020 is communication across the lifespan especially for people dealing with hearing loss along with the appropriate treatment that serves your life.

If you are searching for the appropriate treatment, then hearing aids is the recommended option for you to consider for long term usage.

Don’t ever think that Hearing loss have to prevent you from communicating. With some simple tips and tactics can help, and also assistive listening devices like hearing aids can provide further assistance to your ear hearing health. If you suspect that you may be suffering from a hearing loss, take our quick hearing test when you book an appointment with the hearing care specialists at The Audiology Clinic in Dublin.


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