Ear Diseases & Protection Tips For Kids And Adults

Ear Diseases & Protection Tips For Kids And Adults

The human ear is a complex organ which allows a person to hear as well as balance, especially in mammals. Usually, the ear is characterised into three portions- the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear.

On the other hand, the human ear is not only a complex organ but also it requires proper care as there are a number of diseases and disorders that may challenge your ear and its hearing quality. Sometimes, in worse cases, it may lead to hearing loss if not properly taken care.

The Human Ear - Diseases and Protection Tips

Diseases & Conditions

Firstly, the human ear is a sensitive organ that a small injury, bacteria, and even environmental changes can harm the functioning of the ears and lead to a hearing disorder.

Secondly, if we talk about the ear infection it is one of the most common conditions among people nowadays. It can even affect infants as well as adolescents. Some of the common symptoms of the ear infection are hearing loss, earache, fever, head-ons, and a feeling of ear fullness.

Thirdly, you heard about Meniere’s disease. Generally, it begins in one ear that may be because of fluid problems inside the inner ear. A person suffering from this kind of diseases may show symptoms like spinning sensation (vertigo), hearing loss, ear ringing (tinnitus) and ear pressure.

How to Protect Ears & Hearing Quality

  • Usage of Ear-Plugs:- The people associated with Factories, Clubs, Concerts, and the places where the environmental noise is so high that you have to shout in order to deliver your message to your colleagues. If you are linked with such type of routine then you should use ear-plugs in order to protect your ears from damage. Additionally, people with low hearing-quality should prefer hearing aids as it not only helps them to hear but also significantly improves their hearing-quality.

  • Avoid High Volume:- If you are a music freak and generally love to listen to music at high volume, it may result in hearing loss or hearing disorder. According to WHO, a person should not turn volume more than 60% and should not use headphones more than an hour in a day.

  • Prefer Silence:- If you are engaged with such kind of profession or environment in which you have to be in loud noises or if high volume sound is your bread and butter. For an instance, linked with a Factory, Club, Concert, Singer etc. We suggest, give appropriate time to your ears in order to make them recover. Additionally, regularly use ear drops in order to protect your ears from hearing loss.

  • Say No to Cotton-Swabs:- Most of the people use cotton-swabs to remove dust particles and ear wax out of the ear. You don’t need to clean ears with cotton-swabs as ears are self-cleaning organs. We would like to inform that it can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to hearing loss or hearing disorder.

  • Regular Checkups:- To maintain long lasting hearing quality, take regular consultations with your physician to consolidate hearing screenings. Regular checkups of ears are also essential in order to protect your ears from various hearing disorders as many of them don’t have warning signs.

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