The Crux of Ear Wax Blockage

The Crux of Ear Wax Blockage

Ear wax can be a severe problem that impacts hearing directly plus it can also lead to an ear infection. Although the exact reason for ear blockage is not yet clear, the excess amount of ear wax is one of the reasons responsible for it. Normally, the ear canal acts as a ‘self-cleaning” agent but when ear wax aggregate in excess then it is essential to remove it with the help of an expert audiologist.

The Objective of Ear Wax:

Before pursuing the objective of ear wax, let us know how is earwax build from. Ear wax fills the ear canal in order to protect it from water, dirt, bacteria, and sort of scruff. Ear wax is advantageous and should not be eliminated manually. Still, if it comes at the outer ear canal, it can be removed intelligently with the help of a clean wash rag over your little finger.

Symptoms of a Blockage:

A person suffering from ear wax blockage may show some of the below-written symptoms:

To determine the ear wax blockage, a doctor should use special and advanced instruments like an endoscope. Endoscope helps to give a clear view of the inner ear so that the physician can easily examine the exact amount of ear wax in the ear. Also, it is one of the latest and comfortable way of detecting ear wax blockage.

Ear Wax Removal Tips:

Ear wax blockage is not considered as a medical emergency, it should be removed with the help of an experienced audiologist trained in the treatment of hearing disorders.

One should ignore the usage of Cotton Buds or any sharp object for the removal of ear wax. The use of cotton buds may push the ear wax in more depth of the ear and sometimes it also lead to the damage of eardrum.

If we talk about the ways of ear wax removal there are few ways to remove ear wax safely & securely. One is known as water irrigation in which the audiologist use a syringe full of warm water to eliminate the ear wax. We can say this way of ear wax removal is slightly uncomfortable. On the other hand, ‘microsuction‘ is acknowledged as the most reliable and safest method of ear wax removal. As the name suggests in micro-suction the wax is sucked out using medical suction tube under specialised ear microscope.

Ear Wax Blockage – Prevention:

Expert audiologists recommend the clean baby oil or olive oil so as to allow the excess earwax to run out. Also, you can use ear drops prescribed by an experienced audiologist so as to remove earwax timely. Note: Do not use any sharp object for the removal of earwax.

Dr Deepak Kumar (Audiological Scientist), at the Audiology Clinic located in Dublin, Naas, Mallow, and Limerick, prefers microsuction method for the removal of earwax as it is not only an advanced but also safe and comfortable method of earwax removal. Along with this, he is capable of treating any sort of hearing disorders including tinnitus, balance, and hyperacusis.


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