Microsuction Is The Best Method Of Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction Is The Best Method Of Ear Wax Removal

Miscrosuction - Ear Wax RemovalThe human ear is a complex organ as it helps us in the hearing as well as in maintaining balance. The ear is divided into three parts – the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. The outer ear consists of a pinner, ear canal, and tympanic membrane. The ear canal is lined with wax, which in medical terms is called cerumen. There are glands in the ear that produce wax which helps in protecting the ear from dirt, foreign bodies, bacteria entering the ear.

We all have wax and a little bit of wax in the ear canals is completely okay. In a normal process, the wax comes out on its own from the ear canals. But sometimes the wax can build up in the ear canals and this can make ears feel blocked. You can also experience difficulty in hearing, itchiness, and sometimes pain and tinnitus. This is when de-waxing or ear wax removal becomes essential.

It is important to know that you should not try to remove ear wax yourself, which people usually attempt with cotton buds. By using cotton buds all you will do it push the wax back deeper into the ear and there is also a risk of perforating your eardrum (tympanic membrane).

Common methods of ear wax removal are ear syringing and microsuction.

In ear syringing also called ear irrigation, water is pumped into the ear at a. controlled pressure to remove wax. Ear syringing may not be very effective in the case of ears with impacted wax, even after using ear drops.

Microsuction is recognized as the best and safest method of ear wax removal. As the name suggests, in micro-suction the wax is sucked out using a medical suction tube under a specialized ear microscope. There is no water used in micro-suction.

At The Audiology Clinic, micro-suction is performed by our Doctor of Audiology, Dr. Deepak Kumar, to safely and painlessly remove ear wax.

You can ring the clinic to make an appointment as patients are seen only by an appointment. It is important to remember every medical procedure carries a risk. It is not ideal to put up with blocked ears, hearing loss or tinnitus as a result of impacted wax.

At The Audiology Clinic, Dr. Deepak Kumar carries of ear wax removal by microsuction, by appointment only.


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