Intake These Diets Into Your Leisure to Prevent Hearing Loss

Intake These Diets Into Your Leisure to Prevent Hearing Loss

Talking about the hearing loss, there are numbers of recommended ways to prevent hearing loss. To protect and stop your ears from being vulnerable, it is important not to expose it from hazardous noise exposure. Sometimes pure balanced diet also plays a crucial role to help keep hearing loss at bay, but now the things stand – what varieties of food you can expect that can put a big impact on your hearing.

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According to the research, people with healthy diets who eat a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables have better hearing inception than people with those inferior diets and to some extent, it is quite true. The vital minerals and vitamins which are buried only can be found via the fruits rather than any other foods. And, it is also best for you to stay away from junk foods because not only it is harmful to your ears but also for your body too.

Intake these diets into your leisure to prevent hearing loss

Many a time, people often put emphasis on weight, muscles, strength, cholesterol, goals, but they forget about keeping their ears healthy or not so much about hearing. That is the reason being healthy with a balanced diet, still, they are dealing with these common issues.

Let’s jump straight into the appropriate list of foods that you can include in your diet to reduce or prevent loss of hearing:


Being non-veg, people think it is not so much healthy, but here is the fact – choose between the sardines, trout, salmon or tuna fishes and make your day healthy. Why? Because of its exceptional good source of Omega-3 Fats and Vitamin D. With the involvement of Omega-3 Fats, what it does is, protects the heart and therefore are the keys to prevent hearing loss.


Broccoli has long been touted as one of the healthiest veggies because of its nutritional makeup, and also so much grateful in treating sexual desires. Being an antioxidant, regular intake of Broccolis can reduce the risk of hearing loss as it contains a high amount of folic acid which can also be found at spinach, asparagus, beans, eggs or nuts.


The great superfood full of potassium and magnesium designed especially to provide the body with needed magnesium to prevent noise-related hearing loss. Studies show that magnesium acts as a protective barrier for the delicate hearing cells in the hearing ears and thus combats the adverse effects.

Oranges and Dark Chocolates

Another superfood that is rich in Potassium, Vitamin C and E as these are the antioxidants that protect hearing cells from extreme damage. The revitalization of blood vessels and nerves can be done by vitamin E while vitamin C boosts the immune system and overall protect ears from infection.

Dark Chocolates, being rich in Zinc, strengthens the body’s immune system, and is purely responsible for cell growth and fight off ear infections.

Last but not least, it is also important to consult with a certified audiologist before adding any food supplement to your diet. Moreover, if you are locating in Dublin, Naas, Mallow, and Limerick book a consultation with Dr Deepak Kumar (Audiological Scientist) for the proper guide over the balanced diet of vitamins and minerals that will surely help you with healthy hearing.

The Audiology Clinic is a private independent diagnostic audiology practice. The specialists at the audiology clinic provide prevention, assessment and management of people with hearing, tinnitus and balance (vertigo/dizziness) disorders. All patients attending the audiology clinic are seen by Doctor of Audiology Dr Deepak Kumar.


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