Hearing Loss in Children – What are the possible Signs?

Hearing Loss in Children – What are the possible Signs?

Hearing loss or in other words hearing impairment is a little or total inability to hear the surroundings. And don’t ever assume that hearing loss is only limited to adults, but can occur to the child too. The infants also have hearing issues right after they are born, and begin to experience the symptoms as they grow older. Healthy hearing in children enables them to learn to speak, read, enjoy music, appreciate the sounds all around them and to detect warnings simultaneously.

For a while, if you suspect that your child has hearing issues, then seeing a pediatric audiologist is necessary as soon as possible for professional diagnosis and treatment options otherwise it can severely affect their ability to develop communication, language, and cultural skills. Seriously, these warnings are unavoidable in context to child hearing health.

A child’s stage of life and development vitally depends on hearing, and without a good hearing, the child will have difficulty coping with many of life’s challenges and opportunities.

What is [Children] hearing loss ?

A hearing loss can happen when both ears are not functioning in a normal way and this includes the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, hearing nerve, and audible system. When parents notice that their child is not responding to the sound appropriately and asking questions instead, this may be a signal of hearing loss. As a parent, it is important to trust your instincts and understand how your child bears to hear, and what to do if you suspect a hearing loss.

What are the possible Signs?

Well, signs can be many and can differ for each child. However, these are certain to let you know the real cause.

  1. Unable to produce intelligible speech sounds. [Delay in Speech]
  2. Not clear or crisp speech likely stuttering disorder.
  3. Ignoring, confused, or just not paying attention.
  4. Not responding to sounds or someone talking. [Partial or complete hearing loss].
  5. Repeatedly asking questions, “Huh or what?”
  6. Sitting close to the TV and increasing the volume.
  7. Telling others to say loudly.

Professional Screening and Diagnosis

Hearing screening might help you out in those circumstances if a child has a delicate hearing loss. It is easy and not very painful and takes a few minutes to finish the diagnosis. Even though screening can be performed while asleep without letting them know.

Our Professional audiologist Dr Deepak Kumar works with your child and makes the most comfortable and relaxed environment during the testing and diagnosis process at ease straight away.

Final Words

A healthy hearing is essential for a child’s overall development and also helps them to achieve this by early regular future visits at our clinic in order to prevent the further symptoms.

The Audiology Clinic is a private independent diagnostic audiology practice. The specialists at the audiology clinic provide prevention, assessment and management of people with hearingtinnitus and balance (vertigo/dizziness) disorders. All patients attending the audiology clinic are seen by Doctor of Audiology Dr Deepak Kumar.


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