Hearing Loss in Children an Overview

Hearing Loss in Children an Overview


A child’s quality of life and development vitally depends on hearing. Hearing loss in children is basically an impairment that affects a child’s ability to develop communication, language, and social skills, and having this impairment in children can have a profound effect on their education as well. Parents sometimes make this mistake of thinking they have got learning disabilities or are stubborn in learning or perceiving stuff, but in reality, it is not.

Even more and more hospitals screening newborns for hearing loss cause, this is actually a matter of concern as this directly points to their overall health and future. Some new-born babies are often born with hearing loss, which in medical terms can be known by congenital hearing loss. In some frequent cases, the cause is due to genetic, means, inherited from a parent.

Temporary Hearing Loss:

Many children may experience temporary hearing loss that comes into their way and goes with age, that means age factors are also maybe the concern and playing a big role. Even though it may not be lifelong issues and resolve itself, having this kind of frequent fluctuating hearing loss is still harmful to growth, speech and language development which may exist or interfere in future and can cause cumulative damage to the ear bones, drum or auditory nerve, thus creating a permanent, sensorineural hearing loss.

It is completely normal for parents to often become overwhelmed and anxious in their way because they are also not assured of what the results or concern may be. Rest assured there are also lots of treatment and adaptation options available to get your child treated only if you rush to the professional paediatrician audiologist who will further take care of the existing problem.

Parent’s Concerns:

Parents sometimes may not even be conscious of a slight loss of hearing until other problems start to develop, and if not taken seriously, the condition may get worse and can’t be tackled. Hearing loss is not very severe, and if you are a parent suspecting your child not responding to you and has some sort of hearing loss or disabilities, immediately consult your child’s doctor.

Now depending on the severity and cause of childhood hearing loss, hearing aids might be recommended modes of treatment for now. For those parents who are unaware of what these equipment are – pay attention!

What are Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are a high-powered electronic device that offers infected children high-quality hearing assistance to hear things clearly. In other words, designed to improve your hearing by making sensitive sounds audible to a person bearing the hearing loss.

Why does Hearing Aids make sense?

It is designed in a way to make some sounds louder so that a person suffering from hearing loss can listen, communicate, and participate in other daily activities without being guilty or abused. A medical hearing aid can also help children hear more in those quiet and noisy situations. Those hearing aids are small enough to wear behind your ear or into the ear canal, and are extremely discreet that ensure your child doesn’t unnecessarily remove or misplace them.


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