Don’t Ever Ignore If Your Child has A Hearing Loss?

Don’t Ever Ignore If Your Child has A Hearing Loss?

Look, having a Hearing Loss is not only common to older citizens but also small children too and it is not that can be taken lightly. Because children are often dealt with pain and discomfort when things come to their ear health and sometimes they can’t able to express what going inside their ears.

As an audiologist, before we proceed, let’s begin absorbing with what the heck hearing loss is and what steps you can for your loved ones to treat hearing loss.

Hearing Loss is a condition that occurs naturally when both of the ears unable or having some sorts of difficulty to perceive sounds from the outer world. That means you feel embarrassed when people sit around you and you can’t hear a bit and ask people to repeat frequently? Or in other words, they can listen to you but you can’t understand them very well.

Most often it happens to the older senior citizen, but these days it’s quite uncommon with children. Hearing loss in children is surely not uncommon, it’s because when you casually ask your child to help you in work and still doesn’t respond, even though you repeatedly asking, then surely this is the serious signs and ignoring it will cost them.
However, maybe you be thinking, it’s a child, the mistake must have been made, next time let it be. But you may not know its diverse effect before it takes its serious form, so it’s better to find the cause in the beginning stage.

Your child’s response to sound becomes easier to detect as they get older, but before getting into the age, behaviour seems to converge as they widen eyes, wrinkle eyebrows and shift eyes when they head towards the sound. If they haven’t shown any activity, be aware that could be a sign of hearing loss.

Hearing the parent’s voices that create a way of bonding and building trust – helps in improving your child’s language, social skills and education development. So, it’s important to identify hearing problems as early as possible, in order to get the proper treatment.

It is an advice to the parent to understand how your child hears, how to help your child prevent hearing loss and what to do if you suspect a hearing loss in them because suspicion is the key to diagnosis and treatment otherwise it will create a problem for you and infants.

Last but not least, it is also important to consult with a certified audiologist at The Audiology Clinic if you are locating in Dublin, Naas, Mallow, and Limerick. Book a consultation with Dr Deepak Kumar (Audiological Scientist) for the proper guide over the issues of hearing loss in children that will surely help you with healthy hearing in future.


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