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Hearing test dublin – We provide services to both adult and children including newborn. These include from basic behavioural hearing test to sophisticate computerized oto-neurological evaluations. A detailed Audiological report is issued with further recommendation and if necessary then appropriate referral is made to other medical professionals.

Diagnostic Hearing Test :

  • to assess degree and type of hearing loss

Middle Ear Assessment :

  • to assess function of middle ear

Hearing Aid Evaluation, Prescription and Fitting, Real Ear Measurement

Speech Mapping:

  • Hearing aid function test relative to hearing loss

Speech Recognition and Discrimination Test:

  • To assess ability to understand speech in presence of noise and without noise

Oto-Acoustic Emissions:

  • To assess cochlear function, hair cells function, newborn hearing screening, differential diagnosis between cochlear and higher level hearing loss

Eustachian Tube Function Test:

  • To assess pressure equalization between middle ear and atmosphere

Tinnitus Assessment and Management:

  • A several diagnostic clinical audiology tests are carried out to determine the cause and tinnitus assessment to determine best tinnitus treatment plan for individual patient.

Hyperacusis Assessment and Management

Auditory Rehabilitation

Vestibular Assessment and Management:

  • At our Audiology Clinic, we provide assessment, diagnosis and management of dizziness. So, there is hope for many who once thought there might be no relief

Special Audiological Assessment:

  • for differential diagnosis

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal